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This is where I'll keep you up to date on all the latest news to do with me, my book Everybody Jam, how the next one's coming along and what I've been up to and where I've been


The Carnegie Medal Awards do

Fri 15th June 2012
Had an awesome time at the Carnegie Medal awards ceremony at the Barbican in London yesterday, meeting lots of people and hearing about what some of the shadowing groups thought about Everybody Jam. A Monser Calls by Patrick Ness won - it's the second year in a row he's won this award - an incredible achievement.

Fun in Southwark

Wed 13th June 2012
Today I had a lot of fun in Southwark with a classroom full of students, with some crazy ideas for how to progress the story of Everybody Jam. We considered all kinds of ideas, from an incest storyline, to one involving adoption and amnesia. So much fun. Now - just got to decide what to wear for the Carnegie Awrds ceremoney at the Barbican tomorrow... Eeeeek. I can't believe it's tomorrow.

Hackney is not at all hackneyed

Wed 13th June 2012
I was in Hackney yesterday for a Carnegie shadowing event. I'd never been to Hackney before and the only thing I really knew about the place was what I'd seen on the telly last year with the riots. Turns out there is so, so much more to Hackney. The schools involved all gave their own interpretations and presentations on the shortlisted books, which were amazing. They were imaginative, thoughtful,...

Sent to Coventry

Mon 11th June 2012
I'm on the train to Coventry ahead of the first of my events for Carnegie week! My excitement hasn't been dampened by the weather. A load of people just got on the train at Derby though, who've been at Download Festival over the weekend and believe me, some of them smell as grubby as they look. I guess camping and partying in a monsoon will do that to you!

Radio interview

Wed 6th June 2012
Tonight I did an hour-long radio interview on BBC Tees and got to chose the music they played too - kind of like Desert Island Disks. I'd never done anything like that before. I'm now wondering and worrying about what on earth it will sound like when it goes out on Friday afternoon.